The Hidden Price of Made in China

When comparing Iron to Alloy or US Made to China Made we wanted to address some questions. The NY Times article HERE highlights the dangers of using Chinese products and includes details on quality of materials, labor laws and socio-economic reasons. It also brings attention to issues with Chinese steel! Steel which is derived from the same poor quality Iron ore base material used in cheap Chinese cast iron tubs found all over the internet. They utilize inferior and un-refined metals which can contain impurities and low quality ores. Labor is underpaid and dangerous conditions that are not acceptable in Western health and safety laws, let alone age and pay. As the article refers, buying a cheap product now may seem cost effective but when it rusts, cracks or worse and needs replacing after a year or two, there are no cost benefits. If you factor in the ‘borrowed/stolen’ designs and China’s refusal to honor copyrights, you are perpetuating a culture that is destroying small businesses who work hard to bring something new and unique to market, only to have it stolen by bigger, richer companies (we know from first hand!). Please consider this when you look at buying your next tub.


Place of Manufacture                                  


How are they Made                                

Base Materials                                       

Interior Finishing                                  

Exterior Polishing                                 


Our ‘Saint’ Bathtubs

USA - Family owned Foundry. We are the Only US manufacturer of Cast Metal Bathtubs

Original Period patterns, honoring Vintage tub design

Hand made, custom finished to order in very low volume so that each clients tub is unique

High quality, high tolerance chemistry and purity Alloys, utilizing renewable and recycled metals.

Dry Frit/Powder style process which produces thicker chip and crack resistant Enamel

The tub casting is ground, sanded and polished by an artisanal hand. If its damaged it can be buffed by hand, if needed

Never Rusts! Easy to maintain with the idea that one day our tubs will be Vintage Tubs

Others Cast Iron

China/Eastern Block - recently established factories, some say 'finished' in US (not Made) or just don’t say source

Poor copies, stolen ideas lacking in features and integrity

Unethical mass production, these factories can put out thousands a month of any given shape

Cheap iron ore and scrap with high impurity and unregulated chemistry

Wet sprayed on process which is thinner, liable to cracking, chipping and excessive wear

Steel shell or iron is sanded and ‘polished’ to a poor quality brushed look before being coated in a clear urethane. The clear WILL fail, it will cloud, chip and rust will form under it. With no easy method of repair

Iron wants to rust, its natural state is rust. Throw away culture, throw away tub