Hand Made-Hand Finished

Vintage Modern Bathtubs - A phrase to inspire an image of classic European antiquities individually re-cast and hand finished for contemporary bathrooms. The best of old and new; classic lines of circa 1880 design details combined with the latest bathroom materials to create your own private haven. Each tub we produce is made, crafted and finished by hand. Below details some of the methods and materials we use.

Cast Alloy - Using traditional sand casting techniques and modern metallurgy we have enhanced the look and feel of an original antique. Our cast alloy is slightly lighter than iron but heavy enough to give the solid metal ‘thud’ when the tub is touched. It will never rust, it’s extremely strong and has wonderful thermal properties.

Slow Baked Enamel - We are able to offer a superb baked enamel on our Cast Alloy bathtubs. The name Slow Baked refers to a process baked slower at a much lower temperature (around 400F) than traditional Vitreous enamels, it is Baked rather than Fired. We use a high solid dry powder style process similar to the origins of frit-enameling (that is virtually chemical free) rather than the more commonly used modern wet system which produces a thinner coating and contains more harmful chemicals. Each tub is Slow Bake Enameled using this multi-stage process providing a long lasting enamel that looks and feels like porcelain.

Crafted Copper and Brass - Hand crafted from solid 99.999% pure copper or brass sheets. Copper has been a wonderful bathtub material for centuries. We use pure copper or brass which is hand shaped into period correct shapes, then finished in a variety of ‘colors’. These baths are light, yet strong and are made to be used.

Cast Silacore - A hand poured Architectural Solid Surface material, a renewable mixture of fine ground natural minerals and aluminum ore combined with a special binding agent. The material is poured into the mold and allowed to cure. The final step is smooth finish sanding and being highly polished. Our knowledge of traditional casting processes ensures an air/void free material guaranteeing the product a solid homogenous, 100% non-porous surface. Much of the material is organic and the mineral content adds strength, creating a molded stone similar in feel to the original porcelain tubs. It has superior thermal shock resistance and an exceptional smooth scratch resistant, non-porous surface guaranteeing superior stain and microbial resistance.