Copper Sabot

Copper Sabot

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99.999% Pure Solid Copper Slipper Tub or Solid Brass Deep Tub.

Based on turn of the century vintage copper slipper bathtubs, with a high back and which sits directly on the floor on an integral plinth. This freestanding copper tub has a high slipper back and a deep copper soaking bath.

Available in multiple finishes, including;

Copper (Polished, Patinated, Linear Patina & French Patina)

Brass (Polished & Satin)

Nickel Plated (Polished & Satin)


Enameled (Interior only)

Outside Dimensions: 63" x 27.5" x 33.5"

Depth: 17" w/Overflow

Every tub is crafted and hand finished to order. Lead-times vary but average 8-16 weeks, please contact us for more details.

Interior Finish:
Exterior Finish:
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