Copper Bateau Petite

Copper Bateau Petite

from 11,875.00

99.999% Pure Solid Copper Luxury Tub or Solid Brass Soaker Tub.

Based on turn of the century antique 'copper' bathtubs which sits directly on the floor on an integral plinth.

Available in multiple finishes, including;

Copper (Polished, Patinated, Linear Patina & French Patina)

Brass (Polished & Satin)

Nickel Plated (Polished & Satin)


Enameled (Interior only)

Outside Dimensions: 59" x 26-27" x 26.75"

Depth: 17" w/Overflow

Every tub is crafted and hand finished to order. Lead-times vary but average 8-16 weeks, please contact us for more details.

Interior Finish:
Exterior Finish:
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