The Bath Works

Since 1981 we have strived to offer something unique, unusual and rare. Our Vintage Modern replica’s are based on those same principals. Designs that honor a traditional soaking tub, vintage tub style and classical techniques but using modern materials and design esthetic.

A small family run business started in London, England in 1981. The USA business was formed in 1998, Incorporating in 2001. Initially, supplying original freestanding period, Victorian and Edwardian antique baths and vintage soaking tubs from all over England, France, Europe and the United States.

We have now transitioned to what we consider true reproductions or replica's. For the last several years we can proudly state Made in the USA. Our ‘Saint’ Cast Alloy bathtubs are Cast, Prep’d, Polished and Enameled in America. Bringing traditional techniques and manufacturing processes back to US soil.

We strive to offer an extensive range of beautiful hand made and hand finished freestanding bathtubs which honor the opulent shapes and styles of the 1800’s updated in modern materials.